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Footprint Expeditions is a company full of experienced travelers who have had many opportunities to visit and tour Latin America from the smallest pueblos to the grandest cities for more than ten years. We have also held jobs as tour leaders for various companies that work both in Latin America and in other regions throughout the world.

Unfortunately, both working and traveling has allowed us to see that many individuals are not responsible with the places that they have visited whether as tourists or as workers, and are at times even less responsible in working and dealing with the local people and the environment in those areas. Because of this, we decided to make a different type of company, one that shows what is true and real in the places we visit and one that contributes to the conservation of our planet Earth. Our wish is that our presence in the places we visit helps to stimulate the economy of the local people and that we do not leave a negative footprint wherever our journey may take us. It is our obligation to make tourism a supportive and sustainable factor for these communities alongside with making sure our guests our equally as satisfied, not one without the other. We want our own children to be able to enjoy the marvels of the world as well, and because of this it is essential to be responsible with our actions.

By deciding to travel with Footprint Expeditions, one will learn the value of each special place visited and will have the opportunity to explore and partake in each journey as a moment in time that will never be forgotten. Hopefully we will generate a positive addiction to learning about new and interesting places and meeting people from all walks of life. For this, we hold the philosophy that each tour will be an adventure. For example, we will be using all types of transportation to move us from one journey to another, traveling on anything that moves (with safety!), starting with our own two feet. We will stay in family homes and small hostels where we will feel like we are not too far from our own homes, while at the same time trying new local products and cuisine.

We also believe that traveling not only serves to familiarize one with new places and people, but that it can also open the mind and make us more tolerable and respectful with ourselves towards others and vice versa. It gives us moments of reflection and will make us grow to become individuals who are conscious of our existence on this planet, and will remind us that we are solely one part of the some 30 million species living here.

We also know that during the process of getting from place to place, we generate a certain quantity of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere. In order to compensate for and minimize our impact, we have promised to plant a certain number of trees for every individual traveling with us, which we will do in our Protection and Conservation of Monteresa project as well as in the Andean Community, CCaccaccollo.We hope that you may want to join us in our plight to create a system that benefits our guests as well as our fellow human beings and planet in which we live.