I will be fair, I was not anticipating much food-wise from a comprehensive. However, the food was really excellent!

Breakfast buffet comes with an omelet station, quesadilla channel and several other choices. Ate from the Mexican, Italian, and Asian restaurants – all good! Room was tidy. However, the shower/toilet space is somewhat cramped.

I also enjoy the Fiesta Americana is the island down somewhat in the Caribbean and cruise boat area. All-around a wonderful experience.

Fantastic experience in the Fiesta Americana last week. The service and food were superb. My room was very comfy with a gorgeous view of the beach and sea.

This is my third trip to this hotel, and it was just the very best. We’re scuba divers and had the dawn for diving.

The food was quite, and the fish tacos are excellent. There was not an awful meal, and every one of those restaurants has a particular theme. Overall only a grand resort. The staff talked to us about the trikes on cozumel for me and my wife. We’ll take those next time.

What keeps us coming back has to be the friendliness of their team. The team was so welcoming and also did whatever they could to make our stay great. Whatever that I requested, they say”Si” and received it. I was never responded to with”I will see if we could do so” they simply did it. I am sure there are limitations, but if it’s reasonable, I have a notion they’ll fulfill it to us.

Additionally, the food is so great. I find that the food to be a game for whatever I’ve had on the staircase. This isn’t typical AI fare, cafeteria quality, this is actually delicious food. Collars are comfortable and well made, and developments are continuing.

I honestly can’t say enough about the hotel and the team. We’ve made friends with many.

The major attraction for us to Cozumel is your marine life. What’s accessible front ski, is so gratifying. We’ve found an excellent spot to snorkel and eat and sleep and unwind. We will return next year!