Fantastic hotel for a budget travellers. $11 per individual by cab from the airport, easy check in. I adore the room (is a tropical perspective) directly on the shore. Mattress is extremely comfortable, but a small bit humid in the area and that I do not enjoy the odor. Food is Ok. The best was that the Sunny side Grill with amazing service ( request Sergio, the young man ). Entertainment team works amazing. I really like Zumba class. All sea game rentals are all free.

This is our eleventh trip to Cozumel and the next time we’ve stayed at Sunscape Sabor. The centre was updated. Our room was quite pleasant (I called it amazing ), on the next floor, overlooking the pool. A great bath with separate bathroom and shower area. The mattress was so comfy we had difficulty getting up in a sensible time. This is the sole all-inclusive where we’ve remained that’s excellent branded alcohol also makes excellent beverages. The Mexican restaurant is quite good — I really like the cream of poblano soup! We enjoyed several meals in the Sunny Side Café and must understand the servers. On our final morning, they hugged and cheered for the spouse!

Staying in Cozumel is an incredible experience. There are so many options that you can find the style you want. Five-star hotel? Yes, there are. Boutique and intimate hotel? Yes, there are. It’s what I love about Cozumel. For example, the Sunscape is an incredible hotel. I went there with my family. When we were in the pool with the kids, I heard two people talk about a popular cozumel tour from playa del carmen. I’ll try that in some other time. People say it is beautiful. The employees at the hotel are friendly, the check-in fast, and the rooms very comfortable – a recommended place for Cozumel visitors.

We’re there from November 30-December 7, fantastic place with a great deal of activities to perform! Staff were very professional and exceptionally friendly. Oscar, Leo, and Juanini were one of one of the best staff members there. The entire experience was fantastic, the one thing I’d do is give the resort rooms and minor upgrade. Food and beverages were amazing! Thank you Sunscape for a memorable trip!

When I arrived to Sunscape Sabor Cozumel hotel they had difficulties getting me my area straight away and it took the team a couple of hours to eventually get me located. While I had been waiting to enter my area since they whined to the lineup of guests that they provide me to go get great at the nearest restaurant beside the pool. I watched her have a sandwich which has been pre-made sitting on the counter that was chilly when I obtained it, that the piece of chicken was little, thin and difficult. The tomato was quite little, there were just two little pieces of onion, a drizzle of brown guacamole and a very small bit of lettuce. Obviously that I wasn’t impressed. There was no hot water in my area for my whole stay (I lasted two nights). They just food I liked was the 2 dinners I had in the restaurant I needed to put on a collared shirt and long dress trousers also which a great deal of guests were not impressed about. On the other hand, the staff was incredibly kind and helpful, and the place was magnificent with the view outside of my hotel room door ft from the sea, palm trees and hammock. I wound up requesting a refund for the past couple of nights due to the inconveniences and also transpiration back to Isla Mujeres to devote the remainder of my time in Mexico there. Maybe not the very first impression of hotels but it certainly could have been worse and that I left the best of my holiday no matter.

We’ve stayed at Sunscape several occasions and every year it’s a bit worse. The support staff is quite friendly. Front desk could care less about everything you need to say. It is not possible to ask that a certain room. The refrigerator in your area won’t ever be stocked regardless of how frequently you make a petition. The food is becoming worse everytime we have gone. A couple of years back the food was great but fresh it is going to keep you alive and that is about it. The menu in the beachfront grill was in spanish through the afternoon sorry I talk it. Return to walk grill up. The food was great, fast and effortless. There’s virtually no meat of any sort in el patio and what’s there’s bad. I know trying to operate cheaply but your in the purpose of running off people instead of bringing them. We really enjoy the place but the rooms will need to be upgraded a bit and the meals wants to improve.

We would like to specially thank Juan Carlos Ku for its exceptional service and also for making this our home away from your home. The apartment pillow petition was over and over service since it was his day from this hotel. The restaurants are great and things continue to change each and every single time we see. We enjoyed the dishes on the shore. The hotel wasn’t full so that there was little to no waiting at any of the restaurants for supper. I adored the tiny water slide in the primary pool area!

This is actually the second time we’ve remained here and will definitely be coming back. Antonio, Juan Carlos, Oscar, and Juaminni made our stay amazing both times! Children have an excellent time too. Each the employees are friendly and helpful. I shall recommend this destination for family and friends for sure!

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