We knew what we were getting ourselves to staying about the”wild side’ of this Isle and this was a B&B type of location. The space assigned to us wasn’t the room I reserved and I had been told that they were completely booked so that could be our chamber. Upsetting yes, but not the end of earth, right? WRONG! The area was disgusting! The sink was corroded, bugs came from the shower head and it was just complete repulsive. We determined that there was no way we can spend a week and attempted to utilize the wi-fi to get another hotel, however it was not working so we needed to decide on when we ought to spend sleep at the very small car we rented or even the yucky room together with all the lizards on the ceiling. Happily, we survived the night, located another hotel with accessibility the following morning and got the hell out of there!

My spouse and I booked an all inclusive and abandoned after 12 hours moved to Ventanas al mar.. Fortunately there was a spare room here since this family run resort is heaven! Every detail is ideal in a unique manner. The employees are really accommodating, friendly and joyful. The resort is situated on one of the most magnificent beaches around the island, and there are many more to research in addition to a few interesting beach bars. This location is totally off the tourist trap and is well worth a trip for dinner even in the event you can not stay. The rooms all have magnificent views and stunning furniture & design. Additionally the comfiest bed we have had on our whole 1 month excursion. This region of the island gets the very best diving, best beaches and finest places to stay.

We love to travel to the magical waters of Cozumel. It is always a different experience. Either because we change accommodation, or because we decided to do a new activity. The island still has something new to show us every time.  Had the pleasure to talk with interesting people who work there and in their free time go to El Cielo, a paradisiac place near to the island. So, I was wondering how to get an el cielo cozumel map for learning how to get there with my friends. Ventanas al Mar is an example of that greatness. To be honest, we can not always prevent this place from being our first choice when we travel to Cozumel. It is an excellent hotel. The service and the rooms are very convenient. Such a nice place to stay every time you come to the island.

It is not a hotel, so in the event that you would like the tourist comprehensive that isn’t it. The included breakfast and lunch/dinner you are able to buy are a few of the most delicious food I have ever needed. I am a vegetarian, plus they could accommodate me well. Every worker is so fine & devoted to making certain you’ve got a perfect moment. There is a reason so a number of the individuals we met here return each year. The pool is located right on the shore, and the majority of the rooms are sea view. They have seats in the beach on site, also, with a waiter that brings you food and beverage on the shore. They’ve a covered place on the shore so that you can stay out through day storms. They are also able to arrange to have masseuses arrive at the resort and provide you massages on the beach. Additionally, we are lesbians and my girlfriend is a trans girl and we felt very comfortable. We rented a car as it’s a 30 minute drive on another side of this island where the majority of the resorts and restaurants are, but we hardly used it since there’s not any reason to depart Ventanas. Again, it is not a hotel – the rooms are clean but not new or ultra contemporary. We loved the charm! It appears to be a great deal of people also remain a couple of nights at a hotel on the opposite side and a couple of nights.

Our room overlooked the Caribbean Sea, using innovative screened openings constructed into the area door to allow the breeze blow through the space. Dinner was really great. Superior options such as Mexican, American and European style entrees. Bring money, because using cards is impossible because of the isolation of this resort and absence of consistent net. Staff was amazing and beneficial. We were not utilized to the high degree of support we obtained, being used to doing things for me personally, but did enjoy it.I would suggest to anybody who enjoys a more rocky retreat – this is extremely different from the opposite side of this island that’s crawling with tourists and tourist traps. It is far from all, and it that is your thing- move. Best to have a vehicle or other transportation, as the sole place to eat would be Coconuts, the overpriced and cheesy gringo pub next door.

This is a really special location. My spouse and I have very stressful jobs and this is the best place to overeat, unwind and reconnect. It is not for people who are searching for a five star experience, but we locate the quirks of the place endearing and a part of making it unique. The food is five star and a number of the finest meals we’ve ever had. The staff is attentive and enjoy family for us today. This is our second trip and we shall most definitely return, hopefully a lot more times.

Ventanas al Mar is a really easy, lovely and peaceful spot to be. The entire team was exceptional, friendly and really friendly. They treat you well and be certain that you have exactly what you want and make you feel welcome. Food was magnificent! Chef Guillermo Flores is a great chef also makes sure you’re happy and satisfied. Thank you Ruben, Miguel, Guillermo, Francisco, Diego, y Carlos to be really pleasant throughout our stay. We miss this post!

Ventanas al Mar is situated on the windward side of this island. It gives fantastic views together with the calming sounds of crashing waves, directly outside your windows! Peaceful, secluded from noisy town lifestyle and tourism, Ventanas delivers silent beach strolls, fantastic company, and a casual, friendly setting. Relax, unwind, and revel in calmness!