We visited for the next time together with friends and weren’t disappointed. The service is totally astonishing; Freddie, Gabriel, Janet, Helen, Manuel, and lots of others truly became buddies in the week we’re there. The food is outstanding; the restaurant competitions any food I’ve ever had at large restaurants in the countries. The place can be good, 10-15 minutes from the downtown and airport. The snorkeling is amazing; you simply walk down the shore a small and ride the present back to observe plenty of colorful fish. We’ll definitely return. The sole troubles… bed is somewhat difficult and the water pressure isn’t the most effective, but these are easy to get over by simply having a look out of your terrace in the wonderful view.

El Cozumeleno is at fantastic resort situated in central Cozumel. I love this hotel due to its size so it is possible to let children and household run around without needing to worry where they’re. I also adore the restaurant. It had plenty of fantastic food. The beach was so nice that the water was hot and it was mainly kept tidy. They had plenty of pools around the hotel but the issue was that they weren’t quite heated. So even a popular day the water at the pool could be a bit too chilly! I suggest obtaining a bottom floor area it is really wonderful to have the ability to walk out into the hotel instead of undergo a lot of halls for down. In conclusion I suggest that you stay here in order to unwind and move areas from this hotel. But maybe not much for the exciting idea! I like this hotel.

I love Cozumel and the amenities you can find on the island. The first time I traveled with my family I was afraid that the accommodation experience would not be ideal. The truth is that I was entirely wrong to think that. Staying in Cozumel is one of the most convenient, enjoyable, and fun things you can do in Mexico. One of the guys recommended me a playa del carmen bottom fishing trip with one family-owned tours company. We will surely try that during our stay. El Cozumeleno is a nice place to stay. I loved the rooms and the amenities. The hotel also has people to help you choose activities to do in Cozumel.

The scene and white sand beach are really so lovely. The accommodations are rustic island fashion and thus don’t expect to have luxury rooms. The workers are so polite and ready to help out with any orders or problems that you bring them. I felt totally safe at all times while on the reasons. This isn’t a youthful singles party location. It’s quite quiet by 10pm. I’ve been here 3 times and I’ll be going back. Order food in the menu rather than selecting in the buffet. It’ll be good and warm. Go for the gorgeous scenery, stunning white shore, (A tiny rocky so bring water shoes) along with the family setting.

Here really is the best bang for your dollar hotel on the island. Hands down. We’ve completed an all inclusive at Sandals using a butler package and I could honestly say that our (3) butlers could not hold a candle to the poolside service we received in Freddy, Miguel 1 and Miguel 2! Everyone in the front desk was friendly and helpful particularly Gerardo! My spouse and dad enjoyed the fish pedicure in the Spa. The Jet Skis were wonderful. Island divers is your onsite dive shop and they’re amazing. Everybody there was really helpful and gave us unforgettable dives throughout our trip! The pools are somewhat cold on the cloudy/windy times in December, however I can not complain about that since I knew beforehand from different reviews. We swam in them however. Overall this is a Family Christmas Trip and this hotel has just the correct mix of their household setting and partying. So it is not only packed with kids or drunks, but you will find kids having fun and drinking moving all day to the evening. We’ll certainly be back here!

My husband and I just returned from El Cozumeleno yesterday and we adored it! We stayed for a week and we are only happy! For the cost, it was wonderful! Good views, pleasant room, fantastic AC, WONDERFUL STAFF, tasty food… I don’t have any bad things to mention:-RRB- it isn’t super duper stylish, but comfy and like I mentioned, for the cost, it was definitely a bargain! The island feels secure, the natives were very friendly, and also how it is a fast 4 your trip to heaven, kinda can not do any better. Loved it.

What stands out is that the shore – it is secure, it’s large, and snorkeling is directly off coast. The team is exceptional for the most part. It appears they truly enjoy their tasks. They’ve live music every Tuesday night that is a wonderful perk. On the other hand, the buffet meals is below average; breakfast will be the best part. Attempt to buy dinner reservations at their restaurant that offers a la carte andalso, the food is far better than at buffet.

The hotel was beautiful. Snorkeling was excellent right off the shore in front of the hotel. The service was impeccable in the waitstaff into the client support representative into the housekeeping. Drinks were chilly and yummy. The only drawback was that food. In the ala carte restaurant food was fairly good, but you needed to be up ungodly early to generate a reservation. They began taking bookings at 8 AM which meant you had to be consistent by 7:30 AM. I wish they had yet another method with this as it was absurd to expect people to get up that early and stay in line.In the buffet restaurant it was the exact same food all the time. They’d change several dishes, but 75 percent of the meals was indistinguishable each night in addition to daily. The breakfast however was exceptional with a omelette station along with a chef who’d create eggs and omelettes to order. The sole drawback was that the enabled civilization of rescuing beach chairs. Occasionally it was hard to discover a chair to couch in since individuals had saved them together with all the towels and we happened to observe that often times these folks didn’t come to sit down in these seats all day, I want the hotel we do something about this eligible culture that’s permitted or purchase more seats because there is space for them.

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