Great food, great service!

I will be fair, I was not anticipating much food-wise from a comprehensive. However, the food was really excellent!

Breakfast buffet comes with an omelet station, quesadilla channel and several other choices. Ate from the Mexican, Italian, and Asian restaurants – all good! Room was tidy. However, the shower/toilet space is somewhat cramped.

I also enjoy the Fiesta Americana is the island down somewhat in the Caribbean and cruise boat area. All-around a wonderful experience.

Fantastic experience in the Fiesta Americana last week. The service and food were superb. My room was very comfy with a gorgeous view of the beach and sea.

This is my third trip to this hotel, and it was just the very best. We’re scuba divers and had the dawn for diving.

The food was quite, and the fish tacos are excellent. There was not an awful meal, and every one of those restaurants has a particular theme. Overall only a grand resort. The staff talked to us about the trikes on cozumel for me and my wife. We’ll take those next time.

What keeps us coming back has to be the friendliness of their team. The team was so welcoming and also did whatever they could to make our stay great. Whatever that I requested, they say”Si” and received it. I was never responded to with”I will see if we could do so” they simply did it. I am sure there are limitations, but if it’s reasonable, I have a notion they’ll fulfill it to us.

Additionally, the food is so great. I find that the food to be a game for whatever I’ve had on the staircase. This isn’t typical AI fare, cafeteria quality, this is actually delicious food. Collars are comfortable and well made, and developments are continuing.

I honestly can’t say enough about the hotel and the team. We’ve made friends with many.

The major attraction for us to Cozumel is your marine life. What’s accessible front ski, is so gratifying. We’ve found an excellent spot to snorkel and eat and sleep and unwind. We will return next year!

Once again had great service!

We leased two luxurious beachfront rooms for our loved ones. David down our server in the beachfront place was extremely careful, very agreeable, and genuinely loved his job.

For the 1 star complaints here about the resort not allowing guests that aren’t staying in the resort on the house in my view is a fantastic thing. I really don’t want people there utilizing the amenities such as the restaurants that aren’t paying guests. It keeps down the crowds in the hotel that’s among the reasons why people keep returning. It was really calm and calm there since there were not too a lot of individuals there when we moved. We have been there before when they had to let day moves for cruise boat people there, and that’s unacceptable. You need to have to rent a space if you would like to utilize the amenities.

We saw precisely the exact same family daily claim two beds using their garbage first in the morning, they had been down from the shore spot by people NOT with the foundations but nevertheless had their waste sitting on them until well into the day. Then if they chose to utilize them, they moved to the pool place.

The resort staff should listen to them as of course, you’ve got those RUDE men and women that believe they can simply hog something all day and not really use it! I was not going to get into a battle over it while I am on holiday, been there and done that before and it is not worthwhile, that is the team’s job to observe this crap mine.

Part of the resort has not been remodeled yet, and you have to be made conscious of them. You will find some bugs here and there, you are in the tropics naturally, and you also might see little imperfections here and there since once again you are in the tropics, and it’s exposed to harsh elements occasionally.

Apart from that, we had a superb time once more, of course, it is a bit pricey, but we understand this and do not mind paying more if the ceremony and the facilities are top notches. My spouse and I will be coming back very soon for our 25th anniversary with no children and can not wait for the course to go back to our home away from home in heaven – we want to check out the cozumel mini submarine adventure excursions recommended by our hotel hosts.

Thanks to Iliana Rodriguez also who’s the front desk supervisor who helped make our stay more gratifying. She was great! I recommend this hotel.

Great vacation with friends

Please dismiss these testimonials! We traveled with a set of 14. Had a wonderful time! We never needed to request any excess water, two couples had a few minor difficulties with their own rooms but had been taken care of ASAP.

Check in was a snap to the living area section, and Julio was there to help us out with any queries the entire week we were there. We’re early risers and watched employees on the shore daily before sunrise cleanup. Snorkeling was great and much better in the hotel next door that’s literally minutes down the coast.

Sunsets are wonderful. Food was excellent at each venue. They have a lovely beach bar that will be good to have open afterward. The adult pool & pool is perfect, though it appeared that there were hardly any children there.

Amiable resort great accommodations and meals choice great. Staff very accommodating traveled with kids, and the team took care of our needs. Will go to this place again! Quite Pleased with all the Melia Resort.

Staying in the Melia was among their most memorable winter vacation, my family and I experienced a very long time. My 11-year-old granddaughter had her very first massage and loved it. The activities were wonderful. We’re planning to return the initial two weeks of Feb.2020 since weekly wasn’t long enough – we heard about the cozumel atv jungle tour for groups. We’ll do that on our next trip!

The whole team was outstanding. Tony was our server every single morning and had a cappuccino awaiting us. Never had to expect a taxi. Beach towels were traded daily. Lots of pubs, no problem was getting a beverage. The dive store took care of my scuba details.

While the resort facility was quite pleasant, it was the folks that made this resort beautiful. Responsive and participated – the team genuinely wished to make your adventure one of a kind.

Only issues were not any feather cushions without a dresser – not significant but might have made sleep room and better closer, but if this is all I could say negative – exceptional resort and see.

Ocean Views for Under $50

We remained here for the very first night of our holiday before continuing on to our large hotel. It was a fantastic deal because we were not checking in till 8 pm and I did not wish to pay the high cost of my other resort.

Slightly old quality resort with beautiful updates. Fantastic pool place (on the roof), excellent breakfast buffet with new things daily (or purchase ). Most rooms (perhaps all by today ) have new quite comfy pillow-top beds.

Location just cannot be better, fantastic ocean views, 1 block from ferry and plaza, most excellent dining options (too many to list) all within a brief walk.

Add to this a fantastic price, and you may have Cozumel’s most beautiful resort jewel. Do not expect a 5-star hotel. However, you’re going to get unbelievable (5 Star) support at an immaculate resort. The staff recommended us some snuba cozumel royal caribbean tours for my family. 

I chose this place because I’ve had friends who stayed here a lot of times. It was really great. Rooms nearer to the Wet Wendy side get each night action. Therefore I advise bringing earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.

Nothing wrong with this but it is far better to understand that do not understand. The location of the resort is ideal! If you’re interested in finding a neighborhood sort of trip that is where to stay.

What a wonderful place in Cozumel. The employees are amiable, and the rooms are lovely. We had a refrigerator in our area apron request while reserving. Free breakfast each morning. The resort is kept very tidy. The rooftop pool is an excellent spot to find out on the cruise interface to observe that the cruise ships coming and going. Will return.

Such a Nice Spot! Chilly pools….

We visited for the next time together with friends and weren’t disappointed. The service is totally astonishing; Freddie, Gabriel, Janet, Helen, Manuel, and lots of others truly became buddies in the week we’re there. The food is outstanding; the restaurant competitions any food I’ve ever had at large restaurants in the countries. The place can be good, 10-15 minutes from the downtown and airport. The snorkeling is amazing; you simply walk down the shore a small and ride the present back to observe plenty of colorful fish. We’ll definitely return. The sole troubles… bed is somewhat difficult and the water pressure isn’t the most effective, but these are easy to get over by simply having a look out of your terrace in the wonderful view.

El Cozumeleno is at fantastic resort situated in central Cozumel. I love this hotel due to its size so it is possible to let children and household run around without needing to worry where they’re. I also adore the restaurant. It had plenty of fantastic food. The beach was so nice that the water was hot and it was mainly kept tidy. They had plenty of pools around the hotel but the issue was that they weren’t quite heated. So even a popular day the water at the pool could be a bit too chilly! I suggest obtaining a bottom floor area it is really wonderful to have the ability to walk out into the hotel instead of undergo a lot of halls for down. In conclusion I suggest that you stay here in order to unwind and move areas from this hotel. But maybe not much for the exciting idea! I like this hotel.

I love Cozumel and the amenities you can find on the island. The first time I traveled with my family I was afraid that the accommodation experience would not be ideal. The truth is that I was entirely wrong to think that. Staying in Cozumel is one of the most convenient, enjoyable, and fun things you can do in Mexico. One of the guys recommended me a playa del carmen bottom fishing trip with one family-owned tours company. We will surely try that during our stay. El Cozumeleno is a nice place to stay. I loved the rooms and the amenities. The hotel also has people to help you choose activities to do in Cozumel.

The scene and white sand beach are really so lovely. The accommodations are rustic island fashion and thus don’t expect to have luxury rooms. The workers are so polite and ready to help out with any orders or problems that you bring them. I felt totally safe at all times while on the reasons. This isn’t a youthful singles party location. It’s quite quiet by 10pm. I’ve been here 3 times and I’ll be going back. Order food in the menu rather than selecting in the buffet. It’ll be good and warm. Go for the gorgeous scenery, stunning white shore, (A tiny rocky so bring water shoes) along with the family setting.

Here really is the best bang for your dollar hotel on the island. Hands down. We’ve completed an all inclusive at Sandals using a butler package and I could honestly say that our (3) butlers could not hold a candle to the poolside service we received in Freddy, Miguel 1 and Miguel 2! Everyone in the front desk was friendly and helpful particularly Gerardo! My spouse and dad enjoyed the fish pedicure in the Spa. The Jet Skis were wonderful. Island divers is your onsite dive shop and they’re amazing. Everybody there was really helpful and gave us unforgettable dives throughout our trip! The pools are somewhat cold on the cloudy/windy times in December, however I can not complain about that since I knew beforehand from different reviews. We swam in them however. Overall this is a Family Christmas Trip and this hotel has just the correct mix of their household setting and partying. So it is not only packed with kids or drunks, but you will find kids having fun and drinking moving all day to the evening. We’ll certainly be back here!

My husband and I just returned from El Cozumeleno yesterday and we adored it! We stayed for a week and we are only happy! For the cost, it was wonderful! Good views, pleasant room, fantastic AC, WONDERFUL STAFF, tasty food… I don’t have any bad things to mention:-RRB- it isn’t super duper stylish, but comfy and like I mentioned, for the cost, it was definitely a bargain! The island feels secure, the natives were very friendly, and also how it is a fast 4 your trip to heaven, kinda can not do any better. Loved it.

What stands out is that the shore – it is secure, it’s large, and snorkeling is directly off coast. The team is exceptional for the most part. It appears they truly enjoy their tasks. They’ve live music every Tuesday night that is a wonderful perk. On the other hand, the buffet meals is below average; breakfast will be the best part. Attempt to buy dinner reservations at their restaurant that offers a la carte andalso, the food is far better than at buffet.

The hotel was beautiful. Snorkeling was excellent right off the shore in front of the hotel. The service was impeccable in the waitstaff into the client support representative into the housekeeping. Drinks were chilly and yummy. The only drawback was that food. In the ala carte restaurant food was fairly good, but you needed to be up ungodly early to generate a reservation. They began taking bookings at 8 AM which meant you had to be consistent by 7:30 AM. I wish they had yet another method with this as it was absurd to expect people to get up that early and stay in line.In the buffet restaurant it was the exact same food all the time. They’d change several dishes, but 75 percent of the meals was indistinguishable each night in addition to daily. The breakfast however was exceptional with a omelette station along with a chef who’d create eggs and omelettes to order. The sole drawback was that the enabled civilization of rescuing beach chairs. Occasionally it was hard to discover a chair to couch in since individuals had saved them together with all the towels and we happened to observe that often times these folks didn’t come to sit down in these seats all day, I want the hotel we do something about this eligible culture that’s permitted or purchase more seats because there is space for them.

For more info, go to their website!

Paradise in the national park on the most beautiful beaches on island

We knew what we were getting ourselves to staying about the”wild side’ of this Isle and this was a B&B type of location. The space assigned to us wasn’t the room I reserved and I had been told that they were completely booked so that could be our chamber. Upsetting yes, but not the end of earth, right? WRONG! The area was disgusting! The sink was corroded, bugs came from the shower head and it was just complete repulsive. We determined that there was no way we can spend a week and attempted to utilize the wi-fi to get another hotel, however it was not working so we needed to decide on when we ought to spend sleep at the very small car we rented or even the yucky room together with all the lizards on the ceiling. Happily, we survived the night, located another hotel with accessibility the following morning and got the hell out of there!

My spouse and I booked an all inclusive and abandoned after 12 hours moved to Ventanas al mar.. Fortunately there was a spare room here since this family run resort is heaven! Every detail is ideal in a unique manner. The employees are really accommodating, friendly and joyful. The resort is situated on one of the most magnificent beaches around the island, and there are many more to research in addition to a few interesting beach bars. This location is totally off the tourist trap and is well worth a trip for dinner even in the event you can not stay. The rooms all have magnificent views and stunning furniture & design. Additionally the comfiest bed we have had on our whole 1 month excursion. This region of the island gets the very best diving, best beaches and finest places to stay.

We love to travel to the magical waters of Cozumel. It is always a different experience. Either because we change accommodation, or because we decided to do a new activity. The island still has something new to show us every time.  Had the pleasure to talk with interesting people who work there and in their free time go to El Cielo, a paradisiac place near to the island. So, I was wondering how to get an el cielo cozumel map for learning how to get there with my friends. Ventanas al Mar is an example of that greatness. To be honest, we can not always prevent this place from being our first choice when we travel to Cozumel. It is an excellent hotel. The service and the rooms are very convenient. Such a nice place to stay every time you come to the island.

It is not a hotel, so in the event that you would like the tourist comprehensive that isn’t it. The included breakfast and lunch/dinner you are able to buy are a few of the most delicious food I have ever needed. I am a vegetarian, plus they could accommodate me well. Every worker is so fine & devoted to making certain you’ve got a perfect moment. There is a reason so a number of the individuals we met here return each year. The pool is located right on the shore, and the majority of the rooms are sea view. They have seats in the beach on site, also, with a waiter that brings you food and beverage on the shore. They’ve a covered place on the shore so that you can stay out through day storms. They are also able to arrange to have masseuses arrive at the resort and provide you massages on the beach. Additionally, we are lesbians and my girlfriend is a trans girl and we felt very comfortable. We rented a car as it’s a 30 minute drive on another side of this island where the majority of the resorts and restaurants are, but we hardly used it since there’s not any reason to depart Ventanas. Again, it is not a hotel – the rooms are clean but not new or ultra contemporary. We loved the charm! It appears to be a great deal of people also remain a couple of nights at a hotel on the opposite side and a couple of nights.

Our room overlooked the Caribbean Sea, using innovative screened openings constructed into the area door to allow the breeze blow through the space. Dinner was really great. Superior options such as Mexican, American and European style entrees. Bring money, because using cards is impossible because of the isolation of this resort and absence of consistent net. Staff was amazing and beneficial. We were not utilized to the high degree of support we obtained, being used to doing things for me personally, but did enjoy it.I would suggest to anybody who enjoys a more rocky retreat – this is extremely different from the opposite side of this island that’s crawling with tourists and tourist traps. It is far from all, and it that is your thing- move. Best to have a vehicle or other transportation, as the sole place to eat would be Coconuts, the overpriced and cheesy gringo pub next door.

This is a really special location. My spouse and I have very stressful jobs and this is the best place to overeat, unwind and reconnect. It is not for people who are searching for a five star experience, but we locate the quirks of the place endearing and a part of making it unique. The food is five star and a number of the finest meals we’ve ever had. The staff is attentive and enjoy family for us today. This is our second trip and we shall most definitely return, hopefully a lot more times.

Ventanas al Mar is a really easy, lovely and peaceful spot to be. The entire team was exceptional, friendly and really friendly. They treat you well and be certain that you have exactly what you want and make you feel welcome. Food was magnificent! Chef Guillermo Flores is a great chef also makes sure you’re happy and satisfied. Thank you Ruben, Miguel, Guillermo, Francisco, Diego, y Carlos to be really pleasant throughout our stay. We miss this post!

Ventanas al Mar is situated on the windward side of this island. It gives fantastic views together with the calming sounds of crashing waves, directly outside your windows! Peaceful, secluded from noisy town lifestyle and tourism, Ventanas delivers silent beach strolls, fantastic company, and a casual, friendly setting. Relax, unwind, and revel in calmness!

A nice family hotel in Cozumel

Really this hotel wasn’t our first option. We wanted to reserve Westin, but merely on this day we came at Cozumel, there wasn’t any accessible room. We adored this Fiesta Americana over the Westin. When we came in Fiesta Americana, instantly we felt welcomed. I could see that everybody desired to function like possible. The area is quite spacious and comfy. The only thing we all likely request is to enhance the overall food quality. And this resort doesn’t have a shore.

I had been a part of a group of 9 in the USA on a missionary trip for the own island. Goal; to deliver food, clothes and essentials to the islanders. We had the very best remedy after each day of extended hours and hard work largely in part because of Lucio “Tony” who shot us under his radar. I really don’t speak Spanish and Tony does speak English and helped me a great deal! The hotel has an elongated place known as the Explorean” and that’s where we stayed but it was Lucio that made our stay that could bring me!

Cozumel is a fantastic place. I have visited it several times with my family and friends. We love looking at attractions, beaches, and points of interest. We just enjoyed it very much. That night in Fiesta Americana I met another family. They were talking about some exciting cozumel sightseeing tours near to our hotel; the island is characterized by diving and fishing excursions. We have not had the opportunity to try it. But, without a doubt, the next time we will do it very excited. My family loves aquatic adventures. So traveling offshore will not be a problem. On the contrary, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Cozy and clean area, beautiful place and we love it is shore. This really is a gorgeous location for snorkel. We adore the displays. And the food has been amazing.Specially the Asian Restaurant, Where Jose Peninsula, The Chef treated us Salvador that the waiter.At the coffee store Eliud was quite friendly, another spot to get a fantastic sea food would be la cevicheria in which the team made us feel at home especially Florencia,Olga, Jose & Marco. Vina Del Mar restaurant staff were very considerate, helpful and kind Alejandra the hostess, Isabel that the waitress, Luis the chef gave us a personalized support. We enjoyed our 10 days holidays.

The rooms were quite clean and the package was very great. We remained less than two decades before and this experience didn’t measure up sometimes. New Years Eve dinner in the Italian Restaurant was a pity. The mushroom soup seemed to possess silica gel beads that initially were clarified to us as tapioca. After we questioned them, the chef came out and insisted that they had been mushroom seeds. New Years countdown happened 5 minutes early with very little statement. Our other concern was a 2 times in the buffet, we were not waited on for beverages and no one ever stopped by our table. There were fantastic things to the excursion, Marco in LA CEVICHERIA was fantastic as were other members of their team such as the bell boys. Some others were fantastic too but I don’t remember their names. The meals besides New Years was great. During Orbitz, I had been told I’d get VIP check in and also a bottle of wine. VIP check in was fantastic but I never got the jar of wine. All in all we loved however there have been some ups and downs.

Hotel was suitable. Staff was quite warm, friendly and useful. Sushi has been the very nice and fish restaurant on the shore. Lots of choice to consume at morning buffet. Space and balcony was big and had a wonderful view of the sea. Very relaxing and fun holiday!

Loved the fact that it had been a bigger hotel. Made it a whole lot more personal with all the staff of this hotel. Service was fantastic. Would prefer the thank Alejandra and Isabel and Briseida greeting us each morning with their grin. Fantastic job hosting. Arturo, Salvador, Manuel, Hector and notably Lucio excellent job serving us lunch, breakfast and dinner.

I loved the food that the people there and the resort generally. They have everything such as a gym that’s amazing since I use it. The beach is next door and the food is inclusive I really like it! If I’d return I’d completely bring my family here each Spring break, Summer break and winter break!

Second visit at Azul Fives in Playa Del Carmen

As a member just (Emerald), we were next to owners therefore that it was a question if we’d get a bed every day. Staff worked tirelessly to make sure we ended up using a Bali mattress and just overlooked the very first day using a mattress. What can be stated, it ranges from very good to outstanding. Not often we have Jesus serve us however it occurred. There were not any bad food and restaurants was magnificent oftentimes. In other hotels, you’re confined to the times you may reserve the characteristic restaurants. No limitation here.

Martin was our host and he’s among the very charismatic, detailed oriented person I have ever had the joy of being seated with. I come from a long history in fine dining and he’d be the head server of any luxury beef home from the countries at no time! The food was OUTSTANDING, the time ideal, and the ceremony was the cherry on top! Thank you, Martin! We can not wait to return!

We seen Azul Fives three years past because the very first trip was really positive. We reserved 11 days, 10 nights with no children. This trip was extremely optimistic. We asked for an upgrade to a 1 bedroom suite and have been given a package in Unit 19 using a pool view from either side. The suite was clean, nicely laid out and quality built. We’re quite happy with the room. In addition to that, we met some people who had traveled that same day to cozumel villablanca reef very near to Playa del Carmen! It was an exciting talk. The team for the most part tried quite tough to serve us well. Napoleonfour butler has been attentive, receptive and ready to assist with our occasional requirements. He utilized WhatsApp, a program that enabled us to remain in touch in any respect times. 1 issue where we had help was piling the Bali beds.

We had an excellent stay over the holiday season! The employees are very very friendly and have been fantastic hosts. I would strongly recommend this hotel – that the pools are magnificent, tons of conveniences, and yummy restaurants. A great number of cuisine. Merci!

We seen The Fives Azul Beach Resort to celebrate my 50th birthday. The hotel was totally amazing, food was excellent with a lot of distinct restaurants to select from. Room facilities were great. The team were excellent and so friendly. Beautiful pools and beach and superb beach butler services. Will be recommending this hotel to family members and friends.

Excellent in every way: chambers, employees, meals, cleanliness, vibe. Can DEFINITELY be going back! The local wildlife was topnotch. We saw monkeys, iguana, alligator, coati, agnoutii We saw a gorgeous wedding on the beach and later in the week that I feel exactly the exact same few had a private dinner on the shore. Service on the beach was careful not pushy. Weather was ideal although rain was called daily.

Martin was amazing, he was really outgoing and cheerful! He always had a grin on his head and made us feel really welcome, the food was quite yummy. He was quite friendly to the kids and wouldn’t complain about just how much food and drinks we had arranged! Very beautiful guy, I’d definitely return!

Now in Mexico for a marriage and my family chose to eat Koh Thai tonight for our final supper. Hostess was called Alexandria and host was called Martin M. Both hostess and host were super helpful and kind, making the dinner feeling great! They have been super nice and very friendly. Can eat here as well. Excellent folks. Outstanding support.

Best vacation best resort!

I truly love this location, the meals it is great, they’ve a great deal of delicious dishes, the area was clean and also the swimming pool, the beach is amazing since the pools. The ceremony was the best, they always treated us kindly. I wanna emphasize Claudio in the entertainment team since he is a fantastic entertainer, he is always smiling and is a funny man, we certainly return!

Really wonderful hotel. The restaurants all have excellent food(be certain that you try the pulled pork sliders in Route 66). Service is great during the hotel. The staff are super friendly and so are devoted to making certain you’ve got a fantastic stay. Beach and pools are fine and well preserved. There are a lot of activities to perform all over the hotel from creature experiences, to kayaking and water skiing. Other rooms may differ. Aside from that, it is an excellent resort. Highly recommend.

Whether you arrive a few days or several weeks, Playa del Carmen is definitely the place. Your family and friends will love it. The spots to meet are beautiful. It will be an experience you will never forget. And if you care about the accommodation, there are many options. From small hotels to large chain resorts. Ocean Paradise is a charming hotel. Some employees recommended us the cozumel carnival jeep tour very close to Playa del Carmen! The good thing about boutique hotels is the experience. You do not have to deal with hotel chain problems because the customer service is remarkable. I loved it.

Loved it! Our family of five adults, ages 18 to 61, spent a week and loved it! The rooms and whole grounds were very clean… all the team was really friendly and useful. He had been so helpful daily and made sure we had everything we had. The Beach was amazing and there were numerous pools to select from. Would definitely return!

Everything is quite clean and retained together! The team makes everything very private and you could tell they work quite hard! They maintain your experience safe and enjoyable at precisely the exact same time! There’s not any need to depart the hotel as they have all you want here! Claudio is also quite handsome and retains it 100% with you! In addition, he works really hard and you could tell he enjoys his job!

Fantastic time! Really like the food, the weather is ideal and focus on detail is excellent from the team! There are a number of pools to pick from and we especially enjoyed the shore pool to the sunny chairs. Certainly a highlight. A great deal of fun activities like the foam party, and a lot of fun on the beach with matches directed by individuals like Claudio, who’s very friendly and participating. Rooms are extremely spacious, no complaints. Will be returning for sure!

This hotel was very child friendly ideal for households, food was fantastic that the restaurants were very cool but the buffet was wonderful. Several pools, fantastic company, employees were very great. Just negative was too much seaweed on the shore aside from that, fantastic resort! I would like to shout out Claudio since he was a fantastic entertainer, super fine and enjoyable!

The food is excellent here we ate in the Japanese restaurant last night along with the food and show was amazing! The only real downside to this hotel is that the beach is actually rugged so I’d bring shoes! Claudio arrived by the pool now in the Eden pool and we played with water and it was really enjoyable! He came by to put folks into it made the game very enjoyable!

Get more information in their website!

Secrets Cozumel – Peaceful, Fun, and relaxing

The entire experience was magnificent. Room 1224 was amazing, food in all restaurants except one was terrific. Italian was just ok but pizza was great. I went with a girlfriend as our husbands do not love the beach time as we do. Adults only and for us all exceeded expectations, especially support. Bath products, generous and wonderful. Ample water in refrigerator, towels ample. Turn down service and bedding was luxury. Snorkeling in shore area was nice and you can get a snorkel or dive tour directly from dock on shore if you want to go out. I wore beach shoes as recommended by other reviewers. Fun exercise at the pool with Arbey and a young female whose name I have forgotten top water aerobics. I would return in a heartbeat. The hotel has a huge grounds and staff, many restaurants and coffee store. Housekeeping and wait staff are great. Sky view bar, beautiful. We did the all inclusive and adult drinks were plentiful and yummy. Never left the hotel area because we enjoyed it so much. Super friendly and highly recommend. Can’t wait to return!

We Seen Secrets Aura after Christmas and through New Year’s. The hotel is an older home but it was quite clean and the staff was quite friendly and helpful. Also, I had the pleasure to talk with interesting people who work there and in their free time go diving with some pros around the island. I would like to see the cozumel dive sites map for rookies like me. Our aim was to break and revel in the sun and oceanfront views, and we all did.

Though we stayed in an oceanfront suite measures from the shore (original pic is opinion from space) on the other hand, there was considerable space on the shore and in the pools on each side of the house. The food was great and there are loads of selections to pick from as you have access to this sister property restaurants in Sunscapes Sabor adjoining door.

We appreciated that all inclusive, beach, pools, activities, beverages (except restricted beer choice for us Wisconsinites). Aubey is a hoot and enjoyable! We adored their helpfulness in reserving trips and cabs to explore the island. Most relaxing holiday for all of us in 25+ years. 24 hour coffee shop and room service amazing in addition to comfy room amenities!

My wife and just returned from Keys Aura at Cozumel. A gorgeous hotel with fantastic dining choices. The restaurants had excellent food and a great deal of excellent wait employees and hosts and hostesses. Check in and out were simple, space relaxation was amazing and the hotel itself was clean and nicely preserved. In the Marketplace Cafe restaurant we had the joy of fulfilling the hostess, Laura. Very pleasant and remembered our names and has been a joy daily. By far our favourite server was Erick. He was like the household. An superb young guy and a fantastic waiter. Overall a gorgeous holiday here at Keys Aura.

Did I have a horrible time? No. Would I go back or recommend Secrets Aura? No. The beach was rocky but the water was clear. The food was ok but the portions were small. The room was clean but worn. The staff was friendly and accommodating. If you’ve been to another Secrets resort this will definitely be a let down.

Fantastic staff and attractive views. Preferred rooms have excellent views of the beach and the staff was quite friendly and considerate. Fantastic restaurants and high quality of servers, food were exceptional and quite personable.

The area, Ocean view, amazing. Each of the Restaurants and the meals yummy, tasteful! The Service is Specific. Folks are extremely attentive. The Drinks, everything that you request they have it. The Beach and The sea are Simply Perfect! So, why I really don’t give them 5/5 about the Revenue event, among these was quite impolite, asking about a few visual handicap I have. That was really awful.

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